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There are two awards bestowed by the Scottish Branch, which are
made at our branch annual dinner in November.

The Kooltech Award

This award was generously gifted to the Scottish Branch in 1985 by Kooltech Ltd. This award takes the form of a cash payment of £200 and a medal that is held by the recipient for one year.

The nominee, who in the opinion of the Scottish Branch members has made the most outstanding contribution to the Scottish Refrigeration Industry over recent years. This may be in the field of academic study or research, manufacturing or contracting.

Use the link at the bottom of this page to nominate your candidate for this prestigious award.

The Scottish Branch would like to pass on our thanks to Kooltech Ltd. for their support.

Kooltech Award - Past Winners

2016 Eric Nelson - Hubbard
2015 Les Reekie - Thermocool
2014 John Sharp - Kooltech
2013 B Feeney - KB Refrigeration
2012 I A Armstrong - Henry Technologies
2011 John Fraser - Star Refrigeration
2010 John Rowell - Star Refrigeration
2009 D. Cotter - FrostPack
2008 A. McLean - Capital Cooling
2007 N. Alderton - KB Refrigeration
2006 M. Hewitt - Cullen Refrigeration
2005 A.B. Pearson - Star Refrigeration
2004 C. Grant - Kooltech
2003 R. Brand - HRP
2002 D. Blackhurst - Star Refrigeration
2001 P. Williams - KB Refrigeration
2000 W. Haughey - City Refrigeration Holdings
1999 F. Pirie - F. J. Pirie
1998 J. Fleming - University of Strathclyde
1997 A. H. Brown - Star Refrigeration
1996 R. Mutch - Kooltech
1995 R. Samuel - Elm
1994 J. Rankin - Hussmann/Craig-Nicol
1993 P. D. Laing - James Howden
1992 I. McDermott - KB Refrigeration
1991 J. Brown - University of Strathclyde 
1990 E. K. Brolls - Hussmann/Craig-Nicol
1989 A. Grant - Norfrost
1988  J. Morrice - Refrigeration (Aberdeen)
1987 S. F. Pearson - Star Refrigeration
1986  A. H. Bain - Star Refrigeration
1985 W. Nicol - Craig-Nicol



The Apprentice of the Year Award

This award takes the form of a cash payment of £100, a £200 voucher for tools along with a refrigeration text book. In addition to this, the Institute of Refrigeration also offers a year’s subscription to the Service Engineers section.

The award is entirely at the discretion of the assessment committee, which may divide or withhold the award. Although selection will mainly be on the merits of the apprentices, the award will be coupled with the name of their employer.

Apprentices must be employed and working in Scotland. They should normally have completed three years’ apprenticeship and have started their 4th year, however consideration will be given to apprentices who are at an advanced stage of a relevant refrigeration/air conditioning apprenticeship programme.

The Scottish branch would like to pass onto them our thanks, and they should be secure in the
knowledge that the recipients will benefit from their kind generosity.

Apprentice of the Year Award - Past Winners

2016 Andrew Richardson - CBES
2015 Scott Thomson - Technical Retail Services Ltd
2014 Jenna Morrow - Mite Technical Facilities Management
2013 Scott Wearing - Trane Ltd
2012 Liam Dean - KB Refrigeration
2011 John Forteith
2010 Nicholas Morris - Star Refrigeration
2009 D. Sutherland - KS Refrigeration
2008 D. McLean - Capital Cooling
2007 R.Summer - Refrigeration (Aberdeen)
2006 John Ritchie - Star Refrigeration
2005 Not Awarded 
2004 C. Dorward - Specific Heat
2003 G. McVittie - Star Refrigeration
2002 G. Cullen - City Technical Services
2001 P. Colvin - Fisher Group (Scotland)
2000 M. Fairley - York Refrigeration
1999 C. Turnbull - KB Refrigeration
1998  S. Hastings - Hussmann Refrigeration
1997 K. Fraser - Star Refrigeration
1996 M. MacRae - Star Refrigeration
1995 R. MacKay - Refrigeration (Aberdeen)
1994 E. Watt - Refrigeration (Aberdeen)
1993 R, Grieve - Star Refrigeration
1992 G. Nelson - Hussmann Refrigeration
1991 A. Balneaves - REA Bott
1990 D. M. H. Fleming - Ryan Refrigeration
1989 C. D. MacDougall - REA Bott
1988 E. Smith - KB Refrigeration
1986 J. Sneddon - Thermal Transfer (Scotland)

To obtain an application form for these awards click HERE

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